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City Fitness Studios

Trainers that propel you. Music that immerses you. A City Fitness studio class isn’t just a workout. It’s an experience. It’s time to find your breath, turn up the volume, and grab a sweat rag.

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Find your breath, turn up the volume, and get moving with 20+ live classes streamed each week and a robust on demand catalog at your fingertips.

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Feedback From Our Subscribers

The classes I've taken are unmatched.
– John
There is great variety. The amount of new classes means I rarely repeat them.
– Sam
I love the energy of the classes!
– Robert
The coaches! They make the workouts fun and effective, and they help me feel connected and stay connected to City Fitness.
– Tracy
The instructors are what makes City Fitness Live great! The energy and enthusiasm they bring make it possible to stay motivated during this isolating time.
– Jocelyn
I’m able to execute the various workouts just as I want. I can modify or add difficulty.
– Margaret